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Estate & Trust Tax Planning

Estate & Trust Tax Planning

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Estate & Trust Taxes

The Capital Tax™ Approach

Multi-generational tax planning is crucial to growing and preserving wealth for your family and heirs. Carefully designed trusts and estates can escape higher taxes, leaving more wealth in the hands of your family.

We utilize a three-step approach to ensure optimal estate and trust tax outcomes:


Step 1. Discovery

This step involves the review of your trust and will documents and wealth transfer goals. During this phase, we meet with you to review the trust, will and estate documents, inventory of assets and valuation of the assets. We determine beneficiary designations for the best tax results and organize your affairs to simplify the decision-making process. We understand the sensitivity of estate and trust matters, and each initial phase includes a personal interview between yourself and our CPAs to ensure we fully understand your interests.

Step 2. Recommendations

Failure to correctly plan for estate and trust taxes significantly erodes the value of your estate. Our recommendations ensure that the maximum is distributed to your heirs upon the passing of your estate, including:

  • Income taxes to the estate or trust

  • Income taxes to your beneficiaries

  • Avoiding probate courts

  • Managing the appraisals valuation of your real estate, stocks, and business interests

  • Eligibility of heirs

  • Life insurance proceeds

  • Best strategies to transition IRA's, 401K's, annuities

  • Gross estate measurement. There are prudent tax strategies that can be put in place during your lifetime, so that your family wealth is not watered down by taxes

  • Tax efficient ways of leaving money to charities 

  • Tax preparation strategies to reduce estate and trust taxes

  • Final individual tax return strategies to take advantage of carryovers so that they are not lost with the deceased​​


Step 3. Implementation

After identifying your interests and organizing your affairs, we set up a timeline to process the appropriate tax filings for you. As needed, we notify heirs to trustees of important updates to the estate and/or trust. We oversee the implementation from beginning to end until you attain your most tax-efficient estate.

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