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Small Business Package

The Capital Tax™ Approach

Our Small Business Package is designed to move all the peripheral work out of your way so you can spend your time on your core business and build a successful business. It is a value packed one-stop-shop arrangement with a reasonable and fixed monthly fee. The Small Business Package includes accounting, business tax preparation and planning, individual tax preparation and planning, payroll, sales taxes (if applicable), business property tax filings, and other small business services as a bundled arrangement. This arrangement is very popular with our small businesses and provides them not only with peace of mind, but also with effective reports to run their business with.

Our Small Business Package provides you with clarity in your business model and as a result your decisions will be more time efficient.

Because of this comprehensive approach, we will know your business model and needs, so you do not spend time calling multiple people for different business needs in a disconnected way. The Small Business Package ensures that you receive a 360-degree, high quality service from an experienced accounting firm, while you minimize your time requirements. The accounting package includes the following services:

  1. Monthly Accounting and Bookkeeping

  2. Business Income Tax Preparation & Planning, including quarterly tax estimates

  3. Payroll Services

  4. Sales taxes

  5. Property tax filings

  6. Other services such as annual filings with your state

  7. Unlimited discussion of your routine business questions with no additional fees

Benefits of the Small Business Package:

  • Reduces your costs due to the efficiencies of bundled services.

  • Allows you to spend time on your business operations, core operations and development rather than on professional work that you are not familiar with.

  • Results in a high quality of work due to having a more comprehensive understanding of your business through a professional firm.

  • Have a designated accountant who knows all three areas of your business well. If your business does not need all components of the business package, we can design a program that provides only the services that you need.

  • See trends, data visualization, KPIs

  • Vendors and customers analysis

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