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Individual Tax Planning
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Individual Taxes

The Capital Tax™ Approach

Taxes are your single largest annual expense. With proper planning, tax savings can be redirected to investments, significantly increasing your net worth over time. We utilize a three-step approach to achieve optimal tax planning outcomes:


Step 1. Discovery

This initial phase involves a comprehensive analysis of your current and future tax situation. First, we review your current tax documents and analyze future projections. Additionally, we evaluate your upcoming decisions based on your life changes, such as welcoming new children into the family, marriage, or investment decisions. Surprisingly, even such non-financial decisions have important tax implications. The savings are quite significant when these decisions are made and implemented with expert tax guidance.

Step 2. Recommendations


We next form tax recommendations that minimize your taxes and quantify your savings. We make new tax planning recommendations every year after we file your tax return to ensure your tax planning strategy is dynamic and adaptive to your changing lifestyle. Recommendations include:

  • Tax advantages of equity-based compensation such as Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), employer stock purchase plans (ESPP), incentive stock options (ISOs), Non-qualified Stock Options (NSOs), annual bonuses, other incentive-based compensation arrangements

  • Real estate tax planning

  • Retirement tax planning

  • Employer benefit plan guidance

  • Student loan & education plan consulting

  • Divorce tax planning

  • Business tax planning

  • Social security planning

  • Family and multi-generational tax planning

  • Self-employed tax strategies in conjunction with the owners’ individual taxes

  • Optimal use of employer provided retirement plans

  • Employer deferred compensation arrangements

  • Tax strategies for investments in the market

  • Charitable giving arrangements such as charitable lead trusts, charitable remainder trusts

  • Business exit strategies

  • Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) benefits to you and/or your business


Step 3. Implementation

Lastly, we implement your customized tax planning strategy and reflect them on your tax return to make sure they are timely and all the compliance issues are worked out. This ensures that our recommendations are fully implemented. We do not leave details unmanaged.

We closely monitor proper implementation of tax planning to ensure accuracy. As your life invariably changes over time, we adjust course and analyze the results of our recommendations year over year to better understand what additional benefits our clients could realize. As tax laws evolve, we apprise clients of relevant changes and counsel them on to use them to their advantage.

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