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Produce extraordinary tax results. Multiply wealth.

Liberate yourself from the burden of being overtaxed. While accurate tax preparation is important, the key to reducing your annual tax bill lies in careful tax planning. Our tax planning approach goes beyond industry standards and is our core differentiation. The result: you retain more assets to invest and grow.

Top Accountant based in Santa Monica, California serving individuals and small businesses throughout Southern California.

Our Services

Tax & Accounting Services

Walnut Creek CA Trust & Estate Taxes

Multi-generational tax planning is key to preserving wealth. Carefully designed estates and trusts will escape high taxes, leaving more wealth with family members.

Walnut Creek CA Business Tax Services

The new TCJA tax laws create enormous tax reduction opportunities for businesses. We know these laws deeply and apply our expertise to drive tax savings to our clients.

Walnut Creek CA International Tax Services

International tax laws are beautifully complex and present many tax planning opportunities. We identify unique opportunities for every client to minimize global tax liability.

Walnut Creek CA Individual Tax Services

Liberating clients from the burden of being overtaxed frees their capital to invest and prosper. Our tax planning roadmap, customized to each client, leaves nothing to chance.

Make Capital Tax Your Partner

Walnut Creek CA Accounting

Our tax planning approach is effective, methodical, and thorough. Join us and learn why our clients around the globe have trusted us with their tax and accounting needs for over twenty years.

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About Capital Tax & Santa Monica, California


Perched elegantly along the sun-kissed shores of California's South Coast, Santa Monica is a dazzling gem in Los Angeles County's crown. This vibrant city, whose name resonates with the Spanish homage to 'Saint Monica', unfolds along the captivating expanse of Santa Monica Bay. With its population soaring to 93,076 as of the 2020 U.S. Census, Santa Monica has etched its reputation as a much-coveted resort paradise. Its balmy climate, pristine beaches, and world-class hospitality make it a magnet for travelers.

However, Santa Monica is more than just sandy shores and sunsets. It pulsates with economic vigor, hosting the nerve centers of entertainment and digital titans like Hulu, Universal Music Group, Lionsgate Films, and the prestigious Recording Academy.

Peeling back the layers of its rich tapestry, Santa Monica's origins can be traced to the sprawling expanse of Rancho San Vicente y Santa Mónica. This land, endowed upon the Sepúlveda family in the 1800s, eventually found its way into the hands of visionaries John P. Jones and Robert Baker. By 1875, with the influence of Robert's wife, the Californio heiress Arcadia Bandini de Stearns Baker, the seeds of modern-day Santa Monica were sown. 1886 witnessed its blossoming as an incorporated city. With time, it morphed into a premier seaside escape, birthing iconic landmarks like Palisades Park, the Santa Monica Pier, Ocean Park, and the illustrious Hotel Casa del Mar.

The city's unique topography, a gentle slope cascading towards Ocean Avenue in the south, is crowned by high bluffs on its northern fringes that stand as guardians separating it from its sun-soaked beaches. Its enviable location offers scenic borders: the sophisticated neighborhoods of Pacific Palisades to the north, the eclectic vibe of Venice to the south, the vast embrace of the Santa Monica Bay to the west, and the bustling communities of West Los Angeles and Brentwood to its east.

In essence, Santa Monica is a harmonious blend of history, luxury, nature, and innovation—a city that truly offers something for everyone. This makes Capital Tax (located at 2450 Colorado Ave, Suite 100E, Santa Monica, Ca 90404) a trusted tax planning service, helping you liberate yourself from the burden of being overtaxed in Los Angeles County, California as well as the neighboring communities. 


Capital Tax

2450 Colorado Ave, Suite 100E

Santa Monica, Ca 90404

☎(925) 977-7784


Hours of Operation

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Monday             9 AM–5 PM

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Wednesday       9 AM–5 PM

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