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Produce extraordinary tax results. Multiply wealth.

Liberate yourself from the burden of being overtaxed. While accurate tax preparation is important, the key to reducing your annual tax bill lies in careful tax planning. Our tax planning approach goes beyond industry standards and is our core differentiation. The result: you retain more assets to invest and grow.

Top Accountant based in Walnut Creek, California serving individuals and small businesses throughout Northern California.

Our Services

Tax & Accounting Services

Walnut Creek CA Trust & Estate Taxes

Multi-generational tax planning is key to preserving wealth. Carefully designed estates and trusts will escape high taxes, leaving more wealth with family members.

Walnut Creek CA Business Tax Services

The new TCJA tax laws create enormous tax reduction opportunities for businesses. We know these laws deeply and apply our expertise to drive tax savings to our clients.

Walnut Creek CA International Tax Services

International tax laws are beautifully complex and present many tax planning opportunities. We identify unique opportunities for every client to minimize global tax liability.

Walnut Creek CA Individual Tax Services

Liberating clients from the burden of being overtaxed frees their capital to invest and prosper. Our tax planning roadmap, customized to each client, leaves nothing to chance.

Make Capital Tax Your Partner

Walnut Creek CA Accounting

Our tax planning approach is effective, methodical, and thorough. Join us and learn why our clients around the globe have trusted us with their tax and accounting needs for over twenty years.

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Specialty Articles for Capital Tax

Capital Tax is the Top Accountant with Offices in Walnut Creek, Palo Alto and Santa Monica Specializing in the Following Services:

  • Strategic Tax Planning: Develop personalized tax plans to minimize liabilities and optimize financial opportunities, ensuring clients are not overtaxed.

  • Accurate Tax Preparation: Meticulously prepare tax returns in compliance with the latest tax laws, reducing errors and potential legal issues.

  • Expert Small Business Accountants: Offer specialized accounting services tailored to the unique needs and challenges of small businesses.

  • Comprehensive Financial Analysis: Perform in-depth analysis of financial statements to uncover valuable deductions, credits, and exemptions.

  • Maximized Deductions: Identify and utilize all eligible deductions to effectively lower taxable income for clients.

  • Qualifying Tax Credits: Help clients qualify for and claim various tax credits to substantially reduce their tax burden.

  • Applicable Exemptions: Advise on exemptions that clients can leverage to further decrease their tax obligations.

  • Professional CPA Services: Provide thorough and reliable financial management through certified public accountant expertise.

  • Top-Notch Accounting Solutions: Maintain accurate and organized financial records with exceptional accounting strategies.

  • Broad Range Tax Services: Address all tax-related needs with comprehensive services from preparation to planning.

  • Custom-Tailored Personalized Tax Plan: Design tax strategies that precisely fit the unique circumstances of each client.

  • Local Expertise in Walnut Creek, CA: Utilize specialized knowledge of state and municipal tax regulations for Walnut Creek and the surrounding areas.

  • Dedicated Capital Tax Service: Combine accounting expertise with personalized attention to create a trusted financial partner.

  • Focused Tax Bill Reduction: Implement various legal avenues to actively lower annual tax expenses.

  • Strategies for Asset Retention: Preserve clients' wealth with strategies that ensure more of their hard-earned money is retained.

  • Support for Investment Resources: Provide financial planning that empowers clients to invest and grow their funds effectively.

  • Advice for Business Expansion: Offer fiscal advice and planning to support clients in the growth and scaling of their businesses.

  • Commitment to Financial Success: Aid clients in achieving their financial goals and reaching new heights of economic prosperity through expert tax services.

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