Individual Tax Planning for 2020 (Register Below)

Available Date(s): Wednesday, November 4, 2020: 11:45 AM PDT, Wednesday, November 11, 2020: 11:30 AM PDT 

Course Description 

This webinar is a special presentation for Google employees and presented by the CPA firm of Capital Tax. While accurate tax preparation is important, the key to reducing your annual tax bill lies in careful tax planning. Taxes are the single most expensive annual expense to you and proper planning results in substantial savings over multiple years. These tax savings can be re-directed to increase your net worth instead.  

Learning Objectives 

  • Understand long term tax planning strategies 

  • Understand nuances of Mega Backdoor Roth 

  • Understand RSUs and withhold according to your tax rate 

We will have a live Q&A, so please bring your questions! 

Zachary Sahar, CPA 






Capital Tax Zak.S@capitaltax.com 925-977-7784 

Zachary Sahar, CPA is a certified public accountant who practices in Walnut Creek, California. Tax planning is at the heart of his practice. He knows that even seemingly non-financial decisions have tax consequences. He works with clients to create clear and smart tax strategies, which generate significant savings. Those savings can be redirected to enhance each client's net worth. 

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